DIY: Make your name a standout


From various DIY art for your bedroom to fun baking ideas for the whole family, in this column I will showcase monthly projects and ideas you can try at home.

This first project is a quick and easy one to get you started on the road to DIY art.

What you need:

• Canvas
• Wooden letters
• Glue
• White spray paint


1) After selecting the name, word, phrase or lyric of your choice, lay the individual letters onto the canvas to ensure they are spaced out nicely and are visually pleasing. Since my friend just had a baby, for my project I chose to spell out the name of her son, Jackson.

For sayings such as “Carpe Diem,” “Home Sweet Home,” or “Live, Laugh, Love,” consider dividing the words among multiple canvases. Canvas, glue, wooden letters and spray paint can be found at local craft or dollar stores.

2) Once you are pleased with your layout, and have ensured the word(s) fit on the canvas, apply glue to the back of each letter and press firmly onto the canvas. Remove any excess glue immediately and let the canvas lay flat to dry.

3) Once the glue has set, lay canvas onto scrap newspaper or cardboard and evenly apply several light coats of spray paint across the canvas and wooden letters. Let dry for a minimum of 30 minutes. Apply another coat of spray paint to the letters if needed once the paint sets.


4) Your artwork is now ready to be placed on a wall or mantle. The neutral shade of this project makes it perfect for gift giving since it can be paired with any paint colour. I gave mine to my friend at her baby shower last month. She loved it!

This article was originally published in the April 2014 edition of the Leaside-Rosedale, Forest Hill and North Toronto Town Crier.



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