DIY: Rudolph and Reindeer


Dress up your favourite homemade cupcakes as Rudolph and his reindeer pals. The end result is cute, seasonal and, best of all, edible.

What you need:

12 cupcakes
2 boxes of Smarties
2 packages of M&M’S (or 1 bag of chocolate chips)
1 package of frosting
1 bag of chocolate or yogurt-covered pretzels
1 box of Mr. Christie’s Nilla vanilla-flavoured wafers
1 package of mints or mini marshmallows


1) Apply a thin layer of frosting to already cooled-off cupcakes. (No one will know if you opt for a box of cupcake or brownie mix instead of doing it from scratch.)

2) Place one Mr. Christie’s Nilla vanilla flavoured wafer* near the bottom middle edge of each cupcake.

3) It’s time for the antlers. Place two chocolate or yogurt-covered pretzels above each wafer, with the round edge facing downwards. Parts of the pretzels should extend off of the cupcakes.

4) Dip two mints or mini marshmallows in frosting and place in centre of each cupcake, above the wafers and on top of the pretzels. The frosting holds the reindeer’s eyes in place.

5) Sort M&M’S into matching colours. Using two blue or brown M&M’S per cupcake, cover one side in frosting and place matching M&M’S onto every mint or mini marshmallow. (Using two packages of M&M’S should ensure enough blue and brown chocolates are available. If not, incorporate any colours aside from red.) The M&M’S can also be substituted with chocolate chips.

5) Sort Smarties and select only the brown Smarties and one red candy for the reindeer’s noses. Dip Smarties into frosting on one side and place in centre of each wafer. The cupcake with the red nose is Rudolph.

6) Enjoy and serve to guests.

*Mr. Christie’s Nilla vanilla-flavoured wafers can be substituted with any small cookie of choice (shortbread, anyone?) but I find larger cookies take up too much space on the cupcakes.







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